Thick skin

Thick skin

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Thick skin

Thick skin, patience and alcohol :). Just kidding, i rarely drink. But thick skin for sure. I have a 17 yr old daught. After 5 boys... they seem like a breeze! I always say, all five of them together, dont even come close to how difficult she is. Patience, at this point is basically deafness and a wondering attention span. As she rages on about this drama, or that drama, or about what i don't understand, or why shes so right and I'm so wrong and how unfair her life is compared to her friends... I find myself redecorating my bedtoom, or wondering what ill have for breakfast the next morning in my head. It is exhausting. And a survival tactic. After a week of being dumped on, she wants to go to her friends house, everything screams at me...she doesnt deserve to go, but if she goes i get a few hours of peace and quiet! Its not all bad, 90%....well 80%, ok...75% of the time shes great. And that sweet little girl still pops in to say hi and gives me a hug. And i remember i will survive this. She will survive this. "They" say that kids brains dont stop developing till they are 25. And that was true for my boys. 8 more years to go! Luckily (hopefully) she'll go off to college soon, and i can sit and cry about how much i miss her. Hang in there!


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    Haha! I ❤️ This!! I agree- some stuff you just have to pretend that you didn’t see and/or hear lol! I also use the “tune-out” method a lot as I find it’s a survival tactic, too! I’m sure I’ll be really sad when my last kids are grown

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    I feel for you Mama! Sometimes you have to forgive yourself and just do your best. Some days will be better than others, but hang in there! It’s all worrh it in the end!❤️

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    Oh man, I feel for you! It seems like they’re becoming teenagers waaaay before their age does. And boy drama already?? NOOOOOOOO!!!

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    I have an 11.5 yo...i really thought I would have more time befire having to deal with these teenage things lol...shes already talking about boyfriends...boy drama...she wants to wear full makeup...ugh...why so young?

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    Not coping well at all...many times have let them out just to get some peace as well. Did they deserve that? Not at all but i did.