Picky eaters

Picky eaters

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Picky eaters

Hello everyone, im looking for some tips on to how to feed babies who are a bit picky. My daughter will be 1 years old soon. She doesn’t want baby food anymore, she only wants finger foods. What did you give your babies at this age?


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    How about finger foods in a icecube or muffin tray? Crackers, fruit peices such as bananas, apples cubed (I like to take the skins off because my kids had a hard time chewing) Also, cheese, cucumbers (again the skin) melons. You could do this for all meals. Just make everything bite sized and they will pick around. Hopefully it works!

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    I offer a small amount of a lot of things to keep them trying new things. Avocado has been a big hit. You can actually peel the skin off of peppers, it’s time consuming, but my LO loves them. Cucumber, as already mentioned. Cheese. Grapes, peeled (again time consuming) and quartered. Pear. Blueberries. Cooked carrots (not too well done or they go mushy and are hard to hold. Most fruits really. Soft veggies. All skins/peels removed because they tend to cause gagging. Noodles are another good choice. You can buy vegetable noodles in lots of fun shapes at the bulk barn.