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Calling All Mamas

Motherhood is hard but it doesn’t have to be lonely. Be raw and honest, share laughs and make friends with people who understand. Connect to people in your community to build your own personalized support group.
Use your fingers to find your friends

Motherhood isn’t a 9-5 job: stay connected 24/7 so you can share all of your wtf-moments in real time, ask for advice or cheer another mama on. There’s no FOMO because you’ll be notified of group chats, new posts and private messages.

Your voice matters

Follow the hashtags that mean the most to you and tell the world how you feel! Organize get-togethers, playdates and meet other moms just like you. Get involved and help make your community a better place for all moms.

In your backyard

Don’t you hate it when you meet your new best friend just to find out they live farther away than you thought? Found the perfect gently-used baby gear online only to find out it’s a 3 hour drive away? By using the app’s location feature, the closest groups will always appear first in your feed so you’ll know what’s local to you.

Be anonymous

You know those questions that are way too embarrassing to ask? Us too. Use a profile name and avatar instead of your real name and picture for shame-free sharing. Mamasoup is a safe community- you always have the ability to flag inappropriate comments and block other users.

Your village of mom support is only a few taps away!

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